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Do you want your business to be more innovative?

Is it a battle getting staff to look for better ways to improve efficiency and profitability?

How can you think differently about the challenges your business faces and what is needed to build a culture of innovation?

In this day of rapidly changing markets it is challenging for every business to find ways to not only keep up with the competition, but to stay ahead.

Thinking outside the square is something we can all do with the right environment, some learning techniques, an open learning program and some good fun in creating new thinking patterns.

Innovative thinking is used to redefine problems examining them from a different perspective to gain clarity and insight. Discovering new angles and challenging assumptions and well-known processes leads to new ideas, new products or services and innovations in process improvements.

Nandina specialises in facilitation of half-day and full-day workshops in innovative and critical thinking. After consultation with management involved in the day to day working environment, we will assist in selecting staff who may be interested in joining a Workshop on improving innovation in your business.

Ask us about half-day and full-day innovation workshops. Call Carol Haslam on 0408 358 448 or email for a consultation and quote.

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" Good structured approach to our collective engagement during this leadership development series of workshops. Thank you for your very professional respectful and personable presentations.
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